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Admission Guidelines

Admission Guidelines



The admission counter is open 24 x 7. We encourage bed reservations to avoid delays during the admissions process. 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM is the ideal time to report for admission.


Please note your UHID; it will help us retrieve your details, and in case it is a first-time visit, we will need to register you. This is a one-time exercise, and the UHID will be valid for all future visits to this hospital.

Documents Required

Aadhaar Card Copy, Doctor's Admission Note If a corporate client, then a valid credit letter You will need to share bank details to help us process refunds, if any, in a timely manner. Carry all your medical case papers and reports.

Admission Deposit

The patient will be required to pay an admission deposit, which will depend on the case and length of stay. Money can be paid through cash, cards, DD, UPI, and bank transfers.


Passes to stay and visit the patient will be handed over on admission. Passes have to be shown on request, or entry could be denied. Children below 12 years are not allowed as visitors.

Food and Linen

Our clinical nutrition team advises the diet plan for patient meals provided by the hospital. Patient attendants can also request meals on a chargeable basis. Outside food is strictly disallowed. Bed and bath linen is provided for the patient, and bed linen is provided for the attendant. Please do not carry them from home; they will not be allowed.


Please take care of your valuables. The hospital will not be responsible for their losses, if any.